Why do guys approach me/flirt w. Me more when im not wearing makeup or not really "trying " w. My appearance then when I do wear makeup?

guys always approach me more/flirt w. Me a lot more than when i do wear makeup & dress up nicely. Like im not even trying & i get subtle attention. Then when i look my best i get NONE!. Why is that?


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  • Guy like effortless beauty. The woman thats all done up is the girl that you are going out on date with, hanging out with friend with etc. The woman without make up is the one relaxing around the house. Maybe in the future end up being your wife she not going to have make up, pushup bra, high heels on etc. Anyways to make a long story short the girl not at 100% is the girl you are going to see 95% of the time. If she is a knockout without trying then she is going to be amazing when she does try.


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  • The ones approaching your obviously like the no make-up look better. Some girls don't look more attraction with makeup all over their face.


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  • May be you look better without makeup..

  • Here's what you're fishing for: "cuz guys like girls better with no make up and you must be a natural beauty!"


    I'd say the guys that hit on you are 3:00 am drunk desperate and you must really not know how to do your make up decently.


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