Is it OK my balls aren't perfectly spherical?

It's like a couple walnuts


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  • this is the funniest question I ever come across, and I've spent a lot of time on chatroulette (when it was good) and omegle. Wow. Have you never seen porn? It ain't the balls, it's the sack. Nobody in the world likes looking at ball-sacks. No-one. As Billy Connelly once said, when God was making ball-sacks, he looked around for material, and found lots of left-over elbow skin, and said, "That'll do!"
    Nobody should spend time contemplating their balls.

    • just between you and I , i was trolling for some LOLz haha. thanks for answering man

    • Balls are strange. They move strange, they go up sometimes, they hang low sometimes. They're definitely not part of the nervous system, except when they get kicked! Can anyone explain that? Women say that childbirth is the most painful thing ever? Even a slight mistaken self-ball-whack is paralysing... and lasts for hours. And there's no baby afterwards to make us think it was worth while... :/

    • haha seriously, they are just hanging there like whats up?


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  • Yes balls come in all shapes and sizes. I'm sure there is a medical site you can look at penises and balls to see if your sack is normal. Its a better comparison than porn

  • Yup. We usually can't tell from our point of view

  • I don't even think girls care, personally I don't.

  • Sounds like a personal problem.

    • would you date me?

    • If you're asking if that'd be a deal-breaker, no. Balls are weird anyway. If a girl refuses to date you bc your balls are walnut shaped for whatever reason she needs to reevaluate herself lol

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