By how many points do your looks go up by building a kickass body?

I am at 20% body fat and have been told i am between a 6 and 8 guy, so i would say 7 overall, if i build the body, get good clothes and hairstyle (never bothered with all that) can i be a 9 or 10 guy physically?


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  • OK seriously I went from ignored by crushes to date constantly by:
    -getting jacked
    -communication skills

    Becoming aesthetic is absolutely a game changer man. Good luck!

    • you are my motivation bud :)

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    • But keyword there is communication skills

    • @Ihav2fart hahahaha, being personable and having a sense of humor is important imo!


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  • And your personality stayed the same? So do you think your girlfriend would still be with you if you were your old self? If not, then I don't see why you are with her. Might as well make a mould of your 6-pack and give it to her to sleep with.
    Body building or slimming or plastic surgery does nothing to the personality. And that's what they have to live with no matter what changes externally.

  • Ever seen MISC? It will only draw more attention to a deficient face.

  • Well... I have a very low body fat %... I don't know how much.. But im 6foot and 160lbs.. Id say i have a 1/4 inch of fat on my stomach... And when i asked for a rating on here i got a lot of 3s... And one 8... Soo dont go too far, cuz i guess thats just as bad, mayb worse...

    • did u get better looking face wise since ucbuilt the body?

    • Not that i noticed.. Mayb in the neck a little beacause of muscle mass.. But i didn't pay much attention to it

  • About 3-5 points. But body shouldn't be for "looks" that's pretty gay

    • i am going to look like the guys u see in movies, gay or not

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    • lol man was just trying to be funny after a while, but

      is supplementation required?
      i am gonna do this athletic body workout by eddie lomax, it involve movement and hiit, but making use of equipment at gym which is better
      how much protein needed

      how. can i beat the guys in america's next top model xD

    • ur consultant aren't u :p?