Does this picture look okay?

(A) This version is contrasted a bit😸
Does this picture look okay?(B) This is the original one 😊

Which one looks better? 😊😊 A or B?

  • A looks better😸
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  • B looks better😆
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  • both look awesome I can't decide😨
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  • Ehh.. both look crappy💔
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  • Your hair looks weird and messed up. That's the only part that doesn't look good in the picture. The rest does look good.

    • Jealousy this girls hot as fuck

      Messy hair is sexy

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    • I love your freckles. They look extremely cute! ^^

    • Thank you.. I just started accepting my freckles recently

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  • Beautiful in both! but i like the contrast in the first one. :)