Used filter in this picture lol, how old do I look? losing some weight? 😂?

( profile picture) I used filter here, not gonna say all natural lol 😅! I've lost weight on my face? Is that how you say? Dunno... I've always looked life a baby back then and tried losing my chubby cheeks 😢.. I think I did but do I look like an Egyptian mummy and at least older than my actual age now? I'm 18 😲 I'm really happy with my body now 😅😆😄 so i couldn't help but boast about it lol 😅😅😅 the thing is my face looks kind of thin now? So I was wondering about gaining some fat again 😧😧😩😲 and about the flower! haha I took this picture with the price tag on so I had to hide it lol 😂😂

  • looks older than your actual age 😆
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  • looks younger than your actual age 😆
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  • looks younger than your actual age 😆

    • Thanks 😅eh.. God why? After I tried so hard 😢

    • tried hard for what? you look younger I said

    • I had a baby face back then and later I got rid of my chubby cheeks to at least m ok older 😄

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  • You look your age.

    • 😆 think I should really transform into a Egyptian mummy lol

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  • You actually look older in my opinion XD.

    • Yes! Ayy thank you 😄at least someone said it haha 😆

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