Body hair problems?

everytime i shave, i always cut my self, not like 3 or 4 cuts, but like i accidently cut my skin at least 200000000 times.. when i wax, my skin gets ugly bumps and hurts for a long time, and hair removal cream isn't safe for the whole body.. wtf should i do?


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  • If hair removal is that important to you there are lots of options but it sounds like you have tried quite a few out. You can look into an epilator but that is similar to waxing. If you are having problems with bumps a Cortisone cream or something like that can help. Do you get waxed professionally or do it yourself? from my understanding improper preparation can cause skin problems.

    You can also look into laser hair removal for a more permanent solution but that takes a while and not cheap.


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  • You're doing it wrong if you cut yourself with shaving. Use a sharp razor and don't press too hard. This is a very common mistake. Rather go a few times over one area than pressing too hard and get cut.
    Also, on pubic areas you should try to shave with the hair growth and not against it.


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  • I'd recommend that you go to a waxing professional waxing salon reason being when most people wax they don't use proper procedure thus resulting in "ugly dumps"

  • Apply aloe vera gel after waxing, I am acne prone but this helps a lot!