Girls, Are there any actually confident girls? (Except society very hot looking girls)?

In today's world there are some "beauty standards" which is made by a society.

And those standards are very particular so there are many girls who doesn't meet those standards.

So how can we be confident about our appearance?
And are you confident about yourself if you don't meet those standards?


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  • I used to be insecure but I've learned to love the skin I'm in. I started by telling myself something positive about myself. Giving myself compliments. People can tell you that you're beautiful a million times but you'll only believe when you know for yourself that you are.


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  • I'm very confident and proud of my body. I know I have "flaws" but that's what makes me, me.

    I'm 5'10 so quite tall for a female, and weigh 250lbs. Even though I'm still obese I'm losing weight and I'm the healthiest I've been for most my life and just getting healthier.

    Just a year and a half ago I was 330lbs. So even if people don't like how I look its their problem.

    My weight is proportioned well though... So I guess My problems aren't as big as some.

  • listen sweetheart beauty has no standards... first society liked skinny sticks... now society likes curvy hourglass... society is useless... and ur flaws are the things that make u unique about urself... tbh, there is no such things as flaws... u r just flawless u haven't realized that... cuz u always keep on comparing urself to the world.. okay tell me what u don't like about urself
    small breasts?
    well trust me they are way better and comfortable to have
    a healthy body figure?
    do u know in rome healthy girls were known as rich girls

    if u have any insecurities u can tell me about that... it won't even take me two minutes to make you understand you are gorgeous

    • I have huge chubby cheeks and small eyes

  • I am confident in myself considering I am used to being photographed/ criticized daily. I have been told at auditions that I need to lose 1cm on my waist or hips but I am 5'9 and 111 pounds, but then putting in that effort makes me feel amazing. I know I look good, because it is my job too...

  • I am confident.