Why do some how do I look questions posted by girls get such condescending answers from other girls?

When I see how do I look questions from attractive girls I tell them they're attractive. I would never post on another girl's question telling her to stop fishing for compliments regardless of how hot or not hot I think she is. I see girls are typically meaner than the guys although some guys can be rude too. What's the point? There's a how do I look category, why does it bother people when others use it? Lol


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  • Well it bothers other because sometimes "How Do I Look" is not always "How Do I Look". It's like instagram images of "Look at this beach" with there being more ass/boobs then the actual beach.

    There are girls who ask genuine feedback, and then there are girls who like the attention from the guys. When girls post pictures of there asses or pictures that show half of their face and the rest of the image is boobs.

    This causes people to get pretty angry because it's clear indication some girls are seeking attention. Since we guys are pretty stupid in this nature we will give attention because we like boobs and ass. Girls on the other hand hate this and will be pretty pissy.


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  • It just bothers me when they're practically naked for no reason. Tha, t I would say, is for attention.


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  • Yea the girls do seem much meaner on here and they think it's cute to be mean when in reality it's trashy and immature as hell.

    • yea like they think its cool and sassy and its just like Hmm maybe you're the one with low self esteem if you have to be so mean to other girls lol