Why do I some of us look so young for our age?

I included some people look so young for thier age like me I'm 21 in January looking at me without knowing you'd think I'm 14. Why is this and at the moment it's a huge dissatisfaction but I'll appreciate it when I'm older. Who else has this?


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  • I look young too. People keep thinking I'm a teenager. I'm a smoker and random strangers will stop me and try to tell me off for smoking at so young... I'm 28 😞
    People say you'll like it when you're older, but I think that's not til you're 40 or something. I'm 30 in 2 years and looking like a child doesn't make me happy at all.
    I think it's just genes. Luck of the draw. Some teenagers look old af, some older people look young. It's just how it is.

    • Ahhh I hate looking like a kid I smoke aswell and people must think like what !! Altough I'm actually 20 21 next month. I have never even been able to get a girlfriend because I look young.

    • When you start meeting girls in work and stuff, it's easier. But i know what you mean, majority of guys who like me are just pedos who mistook me for somebody much younger.
      If you can grow facial hair, do it, and avoid any hairstyles that younger guys also get. Your best bet for girls is befriending them first, then sliding in slyly lol.

    • I have a moustache and slooooooowly growing a beard but it's no surprise girls of my age go for guys who look older and taller. I always have said if I looked my age I'd get taken seriously and have more success in life. Oh well at least we will never have wrinkles until we are 95 eh 😜


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  • I have been told I look younger as well. I was mistaken for 17 by my neighbor one time 😔

  • I hate being short. people think I'm in middle school

  • Height has a lot to do with it as well as fat percentage in the face as in how round your face is versus angular.


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