Why do people ask about their appearance on GAG?

I can understand if you were asking about an outfit, but come on now. You have to be comfortable in your own skin, it's not like any of our opinions matter anyway.


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  • We live in a society. That's what we do. How can you know that you're good when you have nothing to compare to?
    We need comparizon, we need validation, because it doesn't matter if I'm gorgeous or ugly if I have no one to share it with. We want to share and compare to fit within society and find our place and where we are.

    Appreciation from yourself can be achieved by your own thoughts and you can fool yourself how you want. But appreciation from others is more valuable because that is how you are perceived.
    It wouldn't matter if you lived in a cave, but you have to deal with people every day, so it does.

    I know I've been repetitive, but I hope that the message got through


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  • TRust i was shocked too but i guess they find these page as their own family. Even me i started using these.. whenever im sad or down and have no one to talk to. i aks the people in here.. its like our own circle of lots of different people from different places. I guess they call these mostly comfort zone


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  • Some people are insecure about their looks, some need reassurance and approval while others are curious.

  • Sometimes it's nice to have an opinion from someone's unbiased perspective.

    Although people have trouble giving criticism these days.

    • It seems like most people lack self esteem from my perspective. Which is understandable because I use to too, now I really don't care. Everyone is ugly to someone.

    • Well appearance is important.
      People judge others on appearance.
      Job interviews, friendships everything!

    • Yeah that's true. But I'm talking about the ones that seek acceptance & recognition from almost everyone that cross their path. I think a person actions & personality speaks louder than looks. You can be attractive yet have a nasty attitude.

  • They need validation from others to think they are attractive.

  • Yes opinions matter because I wanna know the truth of how I look


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