How do I care less about appearance?

i have realized over the past few months i have started to care a little more than normal. Frankly otherwise i am super low maintanence, never bothered about my clothes or what phone i carry or spent more than a dollar on a haircut, just work out well and all, but off late i have started to concern myself a little at the mirror and gotten into taking selfies and all and find some faults in my apearance and others too and i hate this pansy attitude, how do i get rid of it.


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  • Maybe you have anxiety about something and have subconsciously decided to obsess on your appearance to avoid dealing with this underlying issue. OR you have realized what a shallow society we live in today and you're trying to stay ahead. I battle this myself even at my age.


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  • You accept yourself the way you are and think that if someone likes you it will be with this appearance. I can't see any other way.

    • i can safely say girls dont concern me got my fitness and career goals to worry about, its more like I me myself thing

    • Then it shouldn't really matter. I think that the only reason we care about our appearance is to look good for others, if we were the only person in the world I'm sure we wouldn't care at all. So, that's easier, just try to stop it.

    • not really, i constantly get told by people i am good looking, handsome etc (and sometimes ugly too, but i dont bother with haters lol) yet i just strive to covince myself and love the mirror, the camera etc. I think its that oscillating feeling of. narcissism and low. self respect and it hampers my overall development in a big way.


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  • I don't know :p

    I care about how I look, I'm just not

    Overly obbssed

    • ur 13, i used to eat like a pig then and care not a bit on anything apart from maybe school lol

    • You were growing at 13, having a voracious appetite. We all did I think lol.

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  • Taking pride in your looks is a GOOD thing! Just don't start dissecting your imperfections to the point of insecurity! :-D