I had this dream? I wish it was real?

A love so deep, something so pure.

A angel by my side, she is so beautiful even age old trees awe at her beauty. She is so kind, soft-spoken, petite, unique, loveable. Why when she walks, the wind follows her.

Here we were together, seperated from humanity, on spaceship. Just the 2 of us, in a room on the spaceship. We saw the solar-system getting smaller, as we moved further away.

It was as if I was with my only soul-mate away from everything on Earth.

A switched was turned on, then everything lit up. Millions of pages in different shades of bright white floated everywhere in that room. Internets, communication from earth, media, music, movies. Everything we could ever possibly want and ever imagine was floated as holographic computer screens, floating and moving. Life a extra-galatic internet system.

On one end, it was a ancient love that souls were meant to find. A eternal, ever-lasting, love. So pure, so perfect. It was only us two, together forever and ever. Full of silence and sercets. A love so auspicious, so divine, so calm.

On the other end, it was all the music, movies, communication, imagintion, dreams, stories, memories, laughters, pains, wars, colors, floating on various holographic computer screens around that room. In which the room was lit bright white. Every piece of fun and bright color was on a screen floating in air. More connected than ever to intelligent life around the universe. Like a internet for the universe.

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  • that is the epitome of reality and fun
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  • U probably got really good grades on essays in school huh?

    • no i don't, why?

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    • but i suck at essays, i can only write something creative well

    • Yeah, given how well u wrote out this dream of urs:)

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  • All you have established is that you are a nerd...(like me)... I can understand the dream but I try to stay real... and my real side says..."you have GOT to stop watching so much Sci-Fi..."
    Good thing its a dream eh.


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  • wow wow wow wow wow