What you think about how I look? Very anxious about this?

I'm just going to start off with me smiling...
What you think about how I look? Very anxious about this?
Smiling from the side, hate my bottom lip though

Next one is quite dark. The previous one I do have a big nose but idc

Lit up room, casual face. Should I shave my eyebrows? I don't like how long they are...
Right side, casual face :/

Left side, just casual...
Or should I wear a hat?

I think I look quite bad in this one tbh, bloody hate my bottom lip.. I think it's my jaw (fake smile)
Anyone watched sons of anarchy? I am at the minute and whenever I look at this guy, it reminds me of my bottom lip...

Hate looking like this. It actually seriously puts my self esteem down and I always worry about how I look. I ain't looking for attention for the sake of it, just want to know what you would think of my looks on first sight. Would you go near me? :/ The anxiety is quite bad... constantly looking in the mirror to see if I look okay and it always slows me down, I'm very paranoid as well.

I've closely inspected my bottom lip in front of my front lip. I could have an underbite... kinda feel like this sometimes (picture below) You can get treatment for it, I've looked it up. But do I need it? Would like to look normal instead of a 'goon', if you know what I mean.


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  • You look cute. Maybe your lip just sticks out because of the braces

    • Agreed with you. I had the same thing when I was wearing my braces. Now, I'm fine. It'll go away when you'll have them removed.

Most Helpful Guy

  • Your haircut looks kinda funny but thats easy to fix bro. Nothing to worry about just be you and if people dont like you for who you are then fuck em

    • yeah, got my haircut done a couple days ago and don't like it either


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  • In my personal opinion your cute! Sweetheart don't worry so much about appearance, I know people say it's what's inside matters most and it does! You seem like a really sweet guy :)


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  • Get a cooler haircut, (Don't cut off the hair, just do something cool) loose the braces, hit the gym and update the wardrobe. I can picture you looking fly as fuck

  • Hey man you look completely normal, there's nothing wrong with you, no one likes the way they look but you gotta remember although you may not like yourself there is someone who thinks you're perfect.
    You're only young you're face will change a lot in the next few years!

  • You don't look like you have an underbite at all. You seem like a nice looking kid but that is a wacky hairdo. You need a different haircut and maybe some brighter clothes, you do look kinda creepy with all that black in contrast to your pale skin.

    Don't see nothing wrong with your bottom lip mate, you're getting anxious over nothing.