What does the name Queenstar mean?

My name is Queenstar and I've been looking all over the internet for the meaning of this name but still no luck. I saw females on Facebook with this name so it must not be made up. If Queenstar is a Ghanaian English name and some Ghanaian females on Facebook have it then it must have a meaning.


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  • It is simply a composite word. It literally just means "queen" and "star". It is a modern name, in straight English, so there won't be 'name meanings' because the meaning is literal. When you look up 'what does this name mean', you are basically looking at the history of the name, what did the name mean as a literal translation, when the name was created. If a guy has the name Ulvgard, the name is too old, and the language unlcear, to see the composite word meanings. It is no longer clear that it simply was a combination of Ulf and Gerd, which meant wolf and protection in Old Norse.

    Since yours is in English, you don't need any hidden meaning. Even just changing the language would make it so that you needed a 'meaning'. Reineastre or something would be the same name as yours, but in French. And eventually, the letters start changing a bit to make the word flow better off the tongue, or to make a more 'unique' spelling. So it could turn to Reinastre, and maybe anglicized by French parents living in an English-speaking country to Renaster. Then the person with that name becomes famous and other people start using the name, without knowing where it came from. Someone eventually traces the meaning and says "Renaster, a name meaning Queen Star..."


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  • It sounds like something they made up on the spot to fit you.


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  • Are your parents hippies?
    That's what it sounds like to me, at least... or maybe a cool band name...

    Your last name isn't Zappa, is it?

    Dweezil, Ahmet, Moon Unit, Diva Muffin, and Queenstar Zappa

    Looks like you fit right in :-)

  • Queen and a Star?

  • Queen of Stars

  • Did you ask your parents maybe they might now otherwise it almost sounds like a porn star name

    • I asked my parents but they said they don't know the meaning

    • Did they say what made them choose it? Surprised you can't find its meaning but I guess not every name has a meaning , some just sound nice

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