What are your social and personality flaws?


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  • I'm shy, avoidant a lot of the time, especially if I'm stressed I'll just cut myself off from everyone. Even when I'm okay there's only a select people I want to hang out with, so when they aren't available I'm lonely and wish I had a group of friends who I hung out with regularly, but in practice I can't maintain that 'cause I don't have the energy or motivation or organisation to keep that up without dropping the ball somewhere else in my life :/ . I'm obsessive. Clingy with my favourite people because of there being so few people I really feel I connect with. Sometimes I have this thing where I flirt with guys regardless of whether I'm attracted to them because I want attention. Using people for attention in general :/ . I'm probably manipulative; I like getting people to tell me their life stories and hopes and fears etc. I sing all the time. I get super hyper sometimes. I'm always late for everything. Probably quite commitment phobic except when I'm literally in love. I talk too much. I really often prefer to just hang out on my own and daydream than be around anyone, but then as I said I get lonely; it's a catch-22 :/


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  • I spend way too much time answering questions on GaG


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  • Too shy, emotional and stubborn.


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