How can I be as good looking as siddharth malhotra?

google him.


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  • He's not even good looking if you ask me.
    He just looks Spanish..

    • he looks like a north indian guy, we look middle eastern/ turk usually build wise too and if he isn't good looking i dont know what is

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    • Ewww, Godfrey gao is horse faced with beady eyes and the other 2 are pretty, a bit too pretty, in a bar Sid would get way more pussy and Crawford or sommerhalder and that's what counts for attractiveness than being on some vogue cover (which too Sid was on btw). Here is why Sid wins and other 2 don't. Crawford and sommerhalder are 9/10 pretty boys and so is ur avan jogia. Men like Siddharth and Enrique fit in the role of pretty boys, masculine guys, Jock, cute, handsome, hot etc all at 7-8/10 than just he stereotypically totally in one that's why they are irreplaceable

    • And he looks nothing like Enrique by the way, I saw some reaction video on Indian heartthrobs and girls said shahid kapoor (another Indian actor) looked a lot like him. I actually think sid is better looking but will never be considered so because of being born in this god forsaken country

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  • just try to get a face like mine and you'll be good to go

    • thats ok then, mine's already much better XD

    • considering your need to hide your face, i have my doubts on that one my friend

    • plus, if you had features as pristine as mine, you wouldn't be wishing for someone elses, because atm, there is no one else that id rather be or look like, since i already know im at the top echelons of attractiveness


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  • I'm too lazy. Post a link :P

    • (filler) world's best looking man

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    • Oh, ok my bad. Still, take my words to heart. :)

    • i did post pics of this guy itself in questions before though, u must be talking about those only ha ha

  • Plastic surgery. And work out

    • my features are better than his, my body, not even close to as fit as him

    • Well... if you say so

    • not my opinion, this is exactly what a girl told me, that i remind her of him, and a little more masculine features wise, i personally think i look like shit

  • Um you can't I suppose

    • how would u know ha ha, maybe i am handsome myself ;)

    • Haha you very well may be! :D

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  • To be blunt - It has a lot to do genetics - You either have it or you don't.

  • gain mor confidence and xdon't compare yourself to celebrities who don't care about you..

    • i want to look like a celeb but not be one