How bad do I really look from the side? girls any tips for wearing a ponytail with super fat cheeks?

I hate how i look from the side! i know i don't really have a small nose, fat cheeks and dark undereye circles but i try to make the best out of it
one guy once told me i look super ugly from the side (oh how i loved high school - not)
and one guy i dated said i should never ever wear ponytails (because hair masks a big part of my face)
how bad is it? a friend just recently took a pic from me:
you can be super honest (i guess i can't get worse then the 2 other comments anyway)
girls any tips for wearing a ponytail with a weidly shaped face?


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  • Way too hard on yourself - I think you are very pretty - I hope you dumped jerk as soon as he made that comment - I sure those two guys were greek gods in looks honestly some people.


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  • My goodness woman, you're gorgeous! I don't know if it's just me, but you kinda resemble Jennifer Lawrence a bit.
    You're too hard on yourself.

    And every time a girl posts something like this, I expect a hideous troll.


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  • well at this point im not sure if you already know, and im not judging, but you are really freaking beautiful! you would definitely catch my sight if i saw you passing by. dont let awful comments take that away from you!

  • My gawd! How can u think so?
    U are cute af!

  • "i should never ever wear ponytails (because hair masks a big part of my face)"

    that sounds more like a compliment to me, ie suggesting that you have a pretty face

    which you do


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