Girls, How do I look (constructive comments, please)?

Girls, How do I look (constructive comments, please)?

  • Hot
    0% (0)
  • Good
    12% (3)
  • Nice
    15% (4)
  • Fun & Interesting
    35% (9)
  • Mean
    4% (1)
  • Bad
    19% (5)
  • Awful
    15% (4)
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What Girls Said 2

  • You look like a normal dude. Constructively, I'd say lose the hat. Any woman who sees a man wearing a hat resembling a fedora assumes that the guy is one of those that whines about the friendzone and why girls only like bad guys lol

    • Thanks. It's just that I'm having an issue with psoriosis at the moment, that really dents my already low confidence, the hat is the best way I can think of to hide it :'(

      Hope I'm not a 'bad guy', but I'd never whine about having a friend. :)

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    • discolored skin**

    • I didn't know that, no. But I can understand what you mean. If I didn't have this damn psoriosis I wouldn't where the hat to be honest. It just makes me so self concious. Mind you, I feel self concious of myself in general lately. Maybe I should seek out a new one? Any type of hat that calls to mind a better kinda guy? haha

  • I said fun and interesting.
    You remind me of Markiplier a little...

    • Thank you. I'd be proud of fun and interesting over the majority "awful" votes. Is Mark Kiplier a good person to remind you of?

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    • Only looks wise though? :o

    • Dont know you so i can't comment really on your personality...