How and what should I do with my medium lengthen hair?

these are pictures of my hair straight out of the shower without being brushed as it is at its longest length when i get out of the shower. Anyways, Girls & guys, What are your ideas for what i should do with my hair. Insturctions and pictures or links will be nice! Once again, thanks for helping me become... Fabulous!!!
How and what should i do with my medium lengthen hair!?


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  • I personally think it looks great how it is now. It's a really good length. If you grow it out even longer you will look even better.

    I think you could totally rock this look. I don't know if you would like that style but it's good for someone in a band.

    • Unfortunately i suck at teasing my hair, i have really flat hair so i don think i would be able to pull it off.
      Any tips for trying to tease my hair then? Because it kind of looks like thats what he does.

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    • Here's a better video, you don't have to straighten your hair. I never bother with it and mine still looks kinda like that

    • And thanks for MHO

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  • If you are trying to go for a certain look, I will change my opinion. (For instance, if you are a drummer in a rock band, it would feel just right to have long hair to headbang with xD)

    However, based on the pictures, I would keep relatively long hair. I would definitely get it shorter though. Personally, I would try and get it to where it at least shows a bit of your eyebrows, the bottom of your earlobe, and is maybe a little less touchy of the collar area. If you go to a haircut place, they'll most likely thin it anyway so it isn't as thick.

    I think any problems with it now would be that it is too low and covering eyes and stuff and it comes in too far on the sides. I always liked longer hair like you have though so I wouldn't go completely short like a lot of people today. It just needs a cutback.

    Definitely show the eyes and some of the eyebrows though. If not for convenience, eyes and eyebrows help show emotion in someone's face. Without them people look almost angry xD

    • As you mentioned i actually am a drummer in a metal band. SO I AM TRYNING TO grow out my hair. So. What should i tewll the hair stylest when i go to get it fixed up.

    • Hey, fellow drummer! :D
      In that case, I would do what I am doing basically: keep the hair long, but get it cut back some in the front and such so it isn't in your eyes. That is the main part you need to cut.

      What should I tell the hair stylest?
      "It's been awhile since my last haircut. I want to be able to see but I like my long hair. Could you cut it so it is out of my eyes and looks decent but is still long on sides and in the back?"

      They'll most likely do the rest (aka making it less bushy) by themselves.


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  • Tie it into a manbun and act like its May 2015.

    • Unfortunatly its not long enough at the front for that. :( anything else?

  • Mullet! haha.

  • You need to show your eyes


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  • I think a style close to your profile pic would be good

  • Cut your fringe so you can see.