Girls, Would my body my considered attractive to you?

Just want to get some unbiased feedback regarding my body from the opposite sex be totally honest and give any reasons for your answer good or bad
http :// i66. tinypic. com /2r7vl7l. png
http :// i63. tinypic. com /25f0guf. jpg
http :// i65. tinypic. com /54w482. jpg
http :// i64. tinypic. com /k4tm45. png

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And you are? I'm a GirlGuys can not vote on this poll


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  • I'm just wondering how the hell you took those pictures or rather who took them? 😑


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  • I don't understand people, your body is pretty hot

    • thanks for your reply bombamboum. If you don't mind can I ask you a couple of things

      1. What are the main things in your opinion that would make my body hot
      2. What body type would you say I had/Do I need more muscle?

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    • You're pretty normal. You have more muscles than a skinny man but don't look like someone who would do lot of sports.
      As the way you are right now, I would definitely be sexually attracted. Well, women need more than just a body but the sight of your body would turn me on.

    • thank you for all your answers bombamboum