Girls, Can You Give Me an Honest and Detailed Rating?

I know I'm not the most handsome guy in the world but I also wouldn't consider myself ugly. However, I tend to be somewhat shy and insecure, so I really would appreciate an honest and detailed rating from you female posters on here. That way I can know how to improve, and what league or girls I could pursue. That said, here are three pictures of me. by the way, keep in mind I am only 5'3" and Mexican.

Girls, Can You Give Me an Honest and Detailed Rating?



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  • Okay 1 smile on pics! Lol. Then you won't look like a creep 😉 no offence. And if rate your face am 8\10 same with your body figure from what I can see, with your face, id keep stubbles , not just a clean shave, but a clean shave does look good!! I'm not too sure but I also would grow your hair out little more 😉 other then that id just say don't change anything, people should love you for you, not what you look like. Anything else? Just message me! 😉! Would love to talk, even if it's just about how you look or anything else 😉


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