Am I willing to move on or remain suffering?

Last year I was in a conflict with a pretty black girl whom I loved which ended very badly. Ever since then, I rarely see her. Meanwhile, guilt and remorse consumed me over the months at work and outside work.

Deep inside of me, I was looking for a girl just like that pretty black girl whom I loved and I found her in the form of a colleague who is also pretty and black.

Time spent with that colleague was like time spent with my previous lover. However, that colleague experienced a terrible break up and I doubt that she will date me. I know she has something for me but she doesn't realise it.

I wanted to offer her a gift but the presence of her coworkers deterred me. I'm still adamant in having a date with her because such girls like her and that pretty black girl are rare for me.

My decision is if I have to move on, it will be with a girl like that colleague.


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  • Stop trying to replace her, it won't be the same

    • it's easier said than done! what solution do you propose?

    • You just have to make yourself move on. Actually move on in your mind, not just with other girls who remind you of her.


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  • I think anon is right you are possibly trying to replace old girlfriend.

    • probably... but... i don't have any other choice. my previous lover was the best I could ever had. but the good thing when I spent time with that colleague, I was redeeming myself too.