Girls, How do I look?

Seems the universe has found some way to make me invisible to females.. People always tell me I'm funny & have a unique personality but seems that's never enough since girls always go for the opposite of what they ask for.. How do I look on a 1-10
Girls, How do I look?


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  • Damn! You're fine! :)

    And that "standing by the ocean" picture is really cool.

    • Thank you! It's just funny because my "best" pictures are off guard lol

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    • I'm sorry I can't help more. But you shouldn't close yourself off. You never know who could be almost perfect for you. You meet really cool people in the weirdest places sometimes. Everyone feels lonely sometimes... but don't let it depress you too much that you don't keep trying. Maybe, if you need a break, just focus more on yourself for awhile until you get some of your confidence back.

    • That's the weird part they were all the way interested but it's almost like I have exactly 48 hours to sweep them off of their feet or I'm just gonna get back with my pos bf?
      It's like instead of being with someone who'll treat them with genuine respect, treat them like a queen, etc.. They always leave with the complete opposite so you could maybe understand why I said I just give up on dating.

      But you kind of persuaded me to not give up but just to take a break. Well actually I've been single for 22 years so I don't know if that's already been long enough break lol.

      But I'll just take the time to get myself financially stable & whatnot and just maybe, just maybe I'll take another chance. But in know way annnnny time soon.

      Once again I really appreciate all your advice. Maybe one day I'll run into you if you're in the area stranger (:

  • Sexy. Love the shape of your haircut too.

    • Thank you. I appreciate the compliment. I only asked because it seems like girls never give me a chance anymore.. And when they do it's only so long until they decide to play me for some asshole smh

  • 7-8/10. U look good.