Girls, are you attracted to men with beautiful eyes? Is it an important feature?

I've been getting a lot of compliments by women about my overal looks but especially about my eyes. I started working somewhere and this girl, she was all over me, she just couldnt get her eyes of me and said how i had the most amazing eyes, and that i looked good. She wanted to date, but she came on really strong, that scared me off a bit.

last Saturday, i was clubbing with a friend, and as the evening progressed i ended up talking to a pretty women, 2 years older then me. never seen her before, and she said i looked good, but she said she really liked my eyes, they were beautiful. I ended up kissing with her, only to find out later from the girl she was with, that she was married.

I have some sort of green eyes, to me they are just my eyes, i hardly notice, but i hear it pretty often. What makes eyes so beautifull and attractive?


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  • Blue/Green/Hazel eyes... Ohh yessss <3

    • cool :) i admit eyes can be mesmerizing, but a beautiful smile is good for me , and i think you have a very beautiful smile if i may say so :)

    • only 2 % of the world population has green eyes, its pretty rare :) something to be proud of haha


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  • I love all kinda of eyes tbh. I've never seen s pair of eyes i considered ordinary. For me its more about the guy with the eyes :P

  • Blue eyes are definitely so sexy I don't know why though

  • people say that eyes are windows of soul. i don't know really ahah they are like some magnet.

    • yeah I've read about that, i do think yes, they can be mesmerizing :)