How do u improve your confidence?


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  • It depends on which kind of confidence, but I bet your referring to social confidence or self confidence. Most everyone struggles with self confidence and it's very hard to learn to like who they are. I struggled with this and the way I improved it is I made a plan. First I wrote down who I wish I could be and then listed what I needed to change to achieve my goal. Once I knew what I needed to do I made goals. It's good to have overall big goad but sometimes they can seem to far off and guy can become discouraged. I like to set little goals. Like I want to be able to do say 100 push-ups in two mins. But first I aim for 50 then to be able to do 100 then to do the 100 in the time frame. I find that using a stair step method helps me feel more accomplished and makes me more confident.
    Is this what you were asking about or is it something else? If so I hope this helped and would be happy to give another gi if you meant something different haha :)


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  • Tell myself on the mirror I'm hot as fuck


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  • Working out and getting the body of your dreams, eating healthy, being social. Worked wonders for meπŸ‘βœŒ

  • I think confidence comes from the inside - Believe in yourself more and you will act more confident, creates an upward cycle