Thoughts on this lip colour?

Thoughts on this lip colour?
It's a pink lipstick, but my lips already have a pinkish colour lol I heard putting a lip balm first would help it last, but I wanted a shine instead. I put a flavored lip gloss, then the lip stick, but the colour isn't quite the same as with the balm. Should I keep this technique and switch to my darker liquid lip stick or just stick with the balm first? Yeah my hair's weird, but I work with what I got lol jk All comments appreciated, tips and recommendations are more than welcome! Thanks y'all 🐢

  • New colour, same technique
    12% (1)36% (4)26% (5)Vote
  • Same colour, same technique
    50% (4)45% (5)47% (9)Vote
  • New colour, new technique (comment plz)
    25% (2)9% (1)16% (3)Vote
  • Same colour, new technique (comment plz)
    13% (1)10% (1)11% (2)Vote
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  • I voted B because I like your lips as you are


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