Do you think I'm cute or pretty or ugly af?

I've seen a lot of questions like this recently and thought why not finally ask one about myself.

So dear GAG community (or those who choose to click this question and answer) what do you think I look like? Cute? Pretty? Ugly? Girly? Manly? Or catfish?


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  • ** checks age quickly - yep - okay to say this **
    You look delicious. I would love to eat you. I could really enjoy that. But first a lot of licking, Don't want to go too fast by eating right away!

    • Ph but cookies and cream is sometimes too enticing to play with like that 😯

    • True, but to get the best eating, one should start slow and not rush things. Enticing adds, but is not excuse for rushing things and missing the opportunities To taste every wonderful bit, every crevice. To get your tongue in everywhere and enjoy the way it melts in your mouth. Cookies and cream is too delicious to not play with like this, don't you think?

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  • Ok, alright... ok kinda pretty! (Almost all girls never accept when something/someone looks good).


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