Girls, Self confidence 22m?

Hi I have posted before about my low self asteem and how I struggle Daily with it anyway basically I have low self asteem dispite everyone I have ever k Known have said am good looking or decent and not to worry but that's easyer said than done. Basically what's set me off is I was in my local shop and went to checkout and saw theses two girls. Nothing was said after i went to the atm and bumped into them again when they where exiting the shop and heard one of them say wow which had now made me paranoid as I took it as a negative I will post pictures but was just woundering under most situations what would wow mean if I girl said it at a guy?

Girls, Self confidence 22m ?

As girls if you said wow at a guy what would be the reason is what am trying to get at :)


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  • you look good, man :)

  • Omg you're totally handsome! Keep your head held high, and keep a smile on your handsome face. :)

  • Very tall, sharp, and classy looking

    • how tall are you?
      the tall ones are the best (coming from someone who's 5'9)

    • I would say WOW because your very tall and sharp looking and because your type is what I take notice of first over short guys.