What do you bros think about this car?


Working on this car with the sales guy. He said 3k down $409 a month for a lease. I pretty much told him.. No 1k down under $400 a month. Waiting for his callback. Might go to another BMW dealer today and have them fight for my business. What do you guys think.



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  • I feel like 3K is so little to put down. It's not even 10%. You said you're using it for Uber though? Are you just going for the brand recognition or?

    I'd also *really* investigate the Uber climate in your area before making a long term investment. It's distressingly common for cities to ban the service for an indefinite amount of time.


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  • Nice car man! A couple thoughts:
    1. I personally don't think leasing is a great option, at least until you're at a place in life where you can get a second, third, fourth car for yourself. It's just good to own things, leasing has tons of fees and high insurance associated with it.
    2. I was about to buy a BMW myself, similar to this one, but I went with a Hybrid instead. Which has tons of benefits, high MPGs, retains value super well, etc. I don't like German cars, I think there are lots of reliability issues. But that's just me bro!
    It's a really nice car, and I know how So Cal is about their cars lol gotta get the nice whip to rock at life. So seems like you really like the car, so if my thoughts don't sway you at all, go for it!

    • So I'm using the car for uber select which is the luxury service. Gross about 1k a week on average driving 30 hours a week. (Did research). Would be in best interest to lease a BMW because of the maintenance coverage. Knowing that BMWs break down fast and have expensive fees. I declined the deal though. Didn't give me what I wanted.

      Looking at swapalease. com


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  • I could say so much but i don't even want That side of me exposed

  • Nice car, I like :) 3k to put down is nothing. That's a great deal.

  • Not bad! Hopefully you can get it for a good deal.


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  • BMW are awesome to drive, owning an E90 right now. You can do better with slightly higher mileage and a couple years older in the mid $20k range. Pushing 34 grand is steep when new is 38 and BMW prices are fairly easy to negotiate when new, or especially for a 2015 model selling in 2016 as new. They want to clear the lot up. Years ago my friend bought a new E46 325i for $31,000 when the MSRP was at $36,500. Didn't even really need to break a sweat negotiating that price because they needed space for new inventory.

  • I don't know cars but just on looks - It seems fine to me

  • Woodaskdadtobuy/10

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    If you drive automatic.