Guys, describe your ideal girl?

1) If you could fuck the girls of your dreams what would she look like? Body? Scent? Willingness?;)
2) describe the ideal girlfriend her personality? Looks? Behavior? Treatment towards you?


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  • Body, very curvy, Not FAT and if fat, not OBESE because some women can wear the hell out their fat, and I love a confident women. Scent? Vanilla, chocolate, strawberries, cherries anything sweet i don't care. Willingness, if she's open-minded.
    2, looks- she's curvy, latina, long curly hair. Behavior, I don't mind any behavior as long as it's not rude, or fucking scary or uncomfortable to be around, hard to describe uncomfortable since a lot of people have different levels of comfort. Treatment towards me-
    Treats me like a King and allow me to treat her like a Queen.- No females these days (lol I kid i kid)


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  • They just want a hot girl, most guys don't care about the other stuff :P

    • not true we (well at least me) want someone who can tolerate our bs and love them and tell them everyday they are the most beautiful creature god sent down to earth and be there for them and share their quirky preferences and other stuff
      to get a hot girl we can just go down to the local strip club or online hookup site
      I am pretty sure the average American guy doesn't want that no matter what background you have


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  • Alright sure, this is the girl that looks wise i'd have an instant crush on.

    Scent i have no prefference as long as its not some crazy parfume.
    Willingness prefferably equal to mine :P

    Her personally would be a girl that loves to help others and make people happy, she has common intrests with me and can be quite geeky at times (Or all the time). She is a girl who will genuinely love her boyfriend for who he is. She is the uplifting type that is generally happy and spontanious.

  • Around 5'6 narrow torso that becomes slightly wider at the hips. Medium sized boobs, medium sized butt, fair to olive complexion. Straight-wavy dark brown or black hair. Blue almond shaped eyes. Soft voice.

    independent thinker, intelligent, broad sense of humor, not offended easily, interested in trying new things with me like sports or hobbies , likes video games. Calm demenor, doesn't drink or party. Makes me feel relaxed. Dresses somewhat modestly and is a virgin with compatible sex drive and interests.

    She'd look like that, she'd smell great, and would be down to do anything and everything in the sack with porn star level enthusiasm.

    Personality-wise, she'd be mature, very caring, empathetic, not clingy but not distant either, good-natured, laughs a lot, low maintenance, very chill, maternal, ambitious, outgoing

  • 1) Light/pale skinned, 5'2, a cross between chubby and curvy, black hair in a pony tail with the bangs down, blue eyes. And she'd obviously have a pretty face

    She'd not only be down for what I enjoy, but she'd enjoy doing it. And she'd be extremely orgasmic (to make my job easier)

    2) Great sense of humor, just as fucked up and dark as mine, but still acts like a typical girl on occasion. She'd look the same as I described above.

    She'd be sarcastic, and battles my own sarcasm. She wouldn't be afraid of being her weird self around me.

    How she treats me? Like one of her friends, she's still like to fuck with me and play jokes and shit

  • 1)
    Innocent, yet naughty
    Super caring
    A smart cookie
    Unique as hell
    Treatment towards me? Ride or die with me
    2) See # 1


    personality? Someone who is patient, kind, empathetic and slow to anger

  • About 5' 7" (maybe a little taller around my height)
    Beautiful brown eyes (bc they are absolutely gorgeous imo)
    Brown hair (natural and sexy)
    I don't really care about bodies (as weird as that sounds) but if I had to I'd go with one with B cup maybe a C
    Um idgaf about scent just as long as it isn't nasty
    Personality: probably someone who is as weird as me bc i like to jumpscare people randomly, plays video games w/me, shares my love of sriracha and weird foods in general, a good motivator bc i am smart but lazy, someone to tell me that i am awesome bc no one does ); actually that doesn't happen but still... is daring and outspoken yet still retains some shyness soulmates 4 lyfe amirite

  • 1) 4' 11" version of Diana Morales with raven black curly hair, hazel-green eyes, C cup boobs, small waist, very wide hips, a big butt, smells like vanilla, plays the sub role, has a voice as light as Bernadette from BBT.

    2) No such thing as ideal girlfriend since I don't believe in dating.

  • If I really had to choose for looks, I'd go for long black hair, glasses, maybe some freckles on the face.

    Personality, I'd like her to be quiet, kind, sensitive and a bit shy. Likes stuff that I do but it dosen't have to be the exact same. Also be willing to accept me, flaws and all.

  • About 5'2", shoulder length brown hair with straight bangs, brown eyes, pale, and academically and musically inclined.

  • 1) Attractive, I find a womans face the most appealing part of her if I don't want to kiss her I don't want to do much of anything else to her. So my preference is a cute sexy girl. I like top heavy women but I enjoy a nice rear and legs so if there is a good balance to those great, if I was making her in a lab she'd be stacked, slim and have nice rear with shapely long'ish legs though not necessarily super tall.

    2) She'd be kind and loving, somewhat outgoing but not a party girl by any stretch of the imagination, smart, thoughtful, considerate. Idealized long hair, brown, red, blonde, are my favorites. She'd be loving, understanding and 'fun' open to new things and not have strict ideas on what things should be or how things should go.


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  • well my ideal girl will have

    -just a good personality in general, honest caring sweet intelligent
    -has a body with a vagina
    -good personal hygiene
    thats it. all my requirements are there.