Hair extensions in layerd hair?

I have long layered hair. Hair is in V layers (meaning they come to a V shape). Longest point is maybe 2 inches under my bra strap and the shortest is at my chin. I want hair extensions to make my hair fuller, not longer.

The question: How can I put them in and have them lay with my V layers correctly? I'm thinking obviously I would need to shape them, but any advice as to how I can do that myself? Or if I went to a hair dresser could they help layer them in? I really would prefer the clip in sets so that I can wear them whenever I want. I've never used them before so this is new to me. Thank you in advance! 💇


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  • yeah you'd have to cut them to shape yourself. or get someone to do it.
    awhile ago i did that to mine, but i needed length too.

    anyways so what i did was just worked with one layer at a time, putting up my hair and clipping in one piece of the set. i let some of my hair down, and used it as a guide to where i wanted the extension layer to be. since ur doing it as a V, u gotta split ur hair and bring it around ur shoulders. grab one side and hold the ends between ur index and middle finger, then slowly cut diagonally, with the longest end being the one furthest away of course. if u want, u can do both sides while the extensions are still on ur head, but i found it easier to just do one, take out the extension piece, fold it in half and mirror the other side. that way u can see the nice V shape better, put it back in and see how it looks, then when ur happy, move onto the next piece ==


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  • I would be inclined to consult your hairstylist about it for the most expert advice.


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  • You can ask them to put it in and style it with your hair, or if you get the clip in sets you can take it to the hair salon and they can cut it and style it with your hair, you can book a hair appointment for a cut and blow dry, if you don't want to cut then you can just say you want a blow out and to style your extensions! Shouldn't be too expensive.