Going from one extreme to the other extreme, would you be in shock?

If you went from obese to looking like a super model would you be shocked? How and why? I have a friend who had been a fat girl all her life and when she started losing weight her looks went from average to drop dead gorgeous. She has never had a boyfriend and went from no boy's paying attention to her to everyone paying attention to her. In my head I think she has to be dealing with the drastic change hard on many different levels, be it social, cultural, etc it has to have some effect on her mentally. She has even been scouted by a fashion model agency a very well known one. I'm basically curious how this can effect someone mentally. She told me before that she does not know how to deal with the way people treat her now and she still feels like she is that fat girl and not what everyone ogles at all the time. I told her I know for sure her mental has to catch up with her appearance. It's a pretty recent change, three years ago you could say she was obese now she looks literally like the girls in fashion magazines. What do you guys think?


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  • Yes that would be a definite syndrome, I can totally understand it. I think when strip the layers back we are all that insecure little girl/boys very aware of the flaws that we think we have even if we become the most changed person in the world part of you stays back there. My advice is to see the positive in the new era and embrace it, don't forget the past but leave it there.


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  • Would I be shocked if I got hot? No because I would have put on the effort lol