Girls, do you like bigger guys?

I am 16 and a freshman in high school. I am 6 foot 4 and 270 pounds I'm more on the muscular side than most people but I'm not solid muscle by no means. I hear a lot of older people like 25 and up say that I'm really cute but from girls my age I dont get much else other than your really tall or you have pretty eyes. I just wonder if my body type is attractive I'm tall broad shouldered and again quite muscular. My muscle is mostly upper body like I have huge biceps and some pretty big triceps and I have pecs. with my size and body type would I be considered attractive. I've never really been approached by people wanting to date me BC of my size all of my relation ships have been from my personality. But my size is a topic of conversation a lot with girls.

I never knew I looked super hero ish lol. I will post a pic later to let you judge and see if you could go back to high school would you find me attractive or at least some what handsome from just my looks. And thanks for the insight they just might be nervous about approaching me like that.


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  • If you are really to and built like a developed man older women will be attracted to you. Girls your age will typically be more into a guy who is developing cause the girls themselves are developing a they think they can more relate to that. But don't worry there are many girls and women who would be very attracted to you. Lol to be honest you sound quite strong and a little superhero ish lol 😉

  • 6'4, a little to tall for my tastes but so many girls like that tall of guys so don't worry

  • I'm 5'9 and my type is 6'1 or taller