I see people doing this lately, so.. Rate my ex? And rate me for walking away?

I see people doing this lately, so.. Rate my ex? And rate me for walking away...?

I got these pics from their Instagram. They were probably the most chill and fun person I've ever been with but it didn't work out. We were together in grade school and some high school but I was stupid. I wonder sometimes if I made a huge mistake by letting them walk away when they needed me most just cuz they wanted to cut out from drama and try to deal with shit on their own. They were stoic for a long ass time and then out of nowhere everything was collapsing they didn't know how to deal so they shut me out and imploded for a couple years before finding their way out of it. I just keep feeling guilty for not forcing my way into their life and being there. We haven't talked in years and I keep praying one day I'll get a text from them and we could have a fresh start... But I just feel like a tool for leaving them to deal with all the shit that was going on by themselves. I doubt I even deserve a second chance.


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  • I am not sure if you should post pics of your ex without telling her.


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  • I don't think it's cool to post pictures of your ex or anyone else without their knowledge or permission. Even more so, if you are posting pictures of someone else and talking about them, at least have the decency and courage to reveal yourself instead of being on anonymous.

    Come on dude, seriously?

    • I didn't mean to make it anonymous, but I can't undo it now

    • Yes you can, but it doesn't matter anyway. This is still fucked up.

    • I guess. I didn't think it would be mean. I think they're really pretty I don't expect negative feedback on his account, only mine.


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  • Not my type but if that's your type and you wanna try again then go ahead.

  • Your ex definitely gave you permission to post these pics and ask away

    • Haha nah I doubt they'd be on a site like this to find out. They just have a public insta.

  • She's a little different looking


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  • You text them, duh!

    She looks very pretty and kind of reminds me of Miley Cyrus.

  • They are all either 4/10 or 6/10. But all that matters is that you were into them