Roast me filler filler?

Basically the title, and yeah my most recent pics have middle fingers in them so Roast me filler filler ?


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  • Oh man, I can't do this. I'm mean but I can't roast on gag. Sorry lol


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  • I don't understand this trend with teenagers where they want people to think negatively if them and want them to say mean things so they can turn around and say those things to themselves. Is this like a tumblr thing or what?

    • I'm on tumblr a lot nowadays and I dont see these things. It's more of a reddit thing, where there's a forum for it. And I don't really want people to say bad things about me so I can use their words to build a ladder to climb down into a deep void of self pity, I have bigger problems to face. I just want to know what others think of me and laugh at the really untrue and off course ones. I also want to work one my comebacks

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    • prom night trash, baby? XD I've never been to prom to be honest and I won't ever put lol for no reason

    • It was a general example. I wasn't saying this is exactly you...

  • can't tell if your a boy or a girl, either way im sure youd have a small penis or in your case tentacle..

    • *claps* You made me laugh! I dont have a small penis, but I have several big ass tentacles XD