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WhatTheHellAmy is not a pussy so here you go guys, have fun 😘

also... I can't believe I did that. I mean.. I did more than what he asked. But I like to please people so hope you're happy now @fakename123 it was a pleasure to play truth or dare with you.


come me play with me. I must warn you: challenges are not for pussies.

Rate me? From 0 to 10?

Here's what happened with my hair ^^
and please ignore that volcano on my forehead... Well, I mentioned it so now you're noticing it haha well done, Amy!

Have a great year, you guys!

  • 10 omg u so prettey
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  • 8 u kinda prettey
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  • 5 u uglee
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  • 4 or less omg u so unprettey
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