Do I still look like a kid?

I asked this question a few months ago, but figured I'd ask again. In my group of friends I'm considered the "baby of the group", just because they say I still have a petite babyface. Are they right? How old do I look? RAWR!!!
Do I still look like a kid?

  • You look like a manly man who is very... um... manly.
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  • You look like a young adult.
    23% (6)33% (6)27% (12)Vote
  • You look like an older teen.
    38% (10)39% (7)39% (17)Vote
  • You look like a pre-teen
    23% (6)22% (4)23% (10)Vote
  • You look like a kid
    8% (2)6% (1)7% (3)Vote
  • Kid? You look like you still wear diapers!
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What Girls Said 3

  • You look like you're merging into becoming a man.
    I'd say a young adult 16-18.
    You don't have the mature look yet, which typically happens to a male somewhere in his 20s-30s.

  • You look in the age range of 15-17

    • I get 15 a lot :/ . Not gonna lie, from your picture I assumed you were older than me so I guess I can see why people think that sometimes.

    • I feel like if I seen you in a different picture I could tell you were older.

      It's not bad to look younger! (You don't even look that young)

    • Lol, well tye-dye shirts don't exactly help me look older so yeah, I agree. Thanks!

  • It's diapers for you, kid! Haha!


What Guys Said 3

  • To me you look like 15-16 years old. I don't think that's a kid. So, older teen I guess?

  • You're 16 mate. I look the same since I was about 15

  • I didn't look at ur age, I assumed you were 16. You were actually 16.