Why do people especially young women tell a 20 y old guy (he's still a baby) I'm an 8 in looks.. good or bad?

Why do I get told this by a lot of females... but my step dad says I need a girlfriend and I don't have a superb relationship with him at all.. both of my step dad and my mom said I can get a hot woman with my personality cuz they saw a gorgeous one in a sex trafficking area and I was like your crazy... and girls and women think I'm cute and my older female cousin said I was cute... a cougar told me I was cute... a few women at church said I'm still a baby so what does this mean?


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  • It means you don't know crap about women and that you have a lot of maturity to do. Heck you 20 years old you are a baby.. Being cute or being called cute if your guy means we are discounting you as a date. I'm not putting you down. I am telling you that in a few years you will be a hot stud but right now all you are is cute

    • Thank you for input by the way and I also like your profile pic not cuz your nude but because your beautiful and you have honesty!!!😅

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    • Can I add you on Facebook to be friends but nothing more cuz I know you think I'm a baby still so I'm unattractive to you but I would like to friends if it's ok with you!!!👍🏼

    • No problem my allowed to give you my address or do you have to message me?
      will soon find out


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  • Good. 8 is only 2 away from 10, soooo

    • I know it's not all just about looks sweetie but I'm just trying to make the question sound like I need help and I do and my mom keeps telling me get your own woman but girls are so hard to figure out cuz they expect us to know what signs of interest that they give us... I mean a girl giving me her # I thought was a sign and staring at me from long distance I thought was 1 too but girls don't make it clear they like us and that's why a lot of guys don't ask girls out cuz we are not given something to work with and especially going after stunning looking women... I mean why try if girls are not trying... it should be a two way street you know!!!😰😢😭

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    • But I'm an introverted guy and we have a hard time with asking girls out cuz were inexperienced with females and that doesn't give us confidence to pursue you!!

    • I know :( Being an introvert sucks but if you ask a girl out and she says yes you'll feel so much better?

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  • It means your young. It's not a negative comment. You are only 20

  • You may think you are an 8 in looks while someone else may say higher and someone else may say lower. There is no one person that everyone is going to think is good looking. It could be the way you act.

  • Pics or it didn't happen.