Do you like my hair? I cut it?

Watcha think? :p

Do you like my hair? I cut it?


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  • It's good for you, but, with those amazing eyebrows of yours, consider long hair. Every boy will then want to sell his soul to be yours.

    • They weren't before when I had it long but thanks :p

    • That's because most boys are stupid, but those who would go for you tend to be shy - believe me, I was one of those. You don't have exotic looks which media always shows... you look more like "the girl next door" albeit, you have wonderful features and fantastic eyebrows. Now, when boys are young, they'll often go for exotic looking girls because they look exciting, but, believe me, those girls are usually too much maintenance and drama. It is girls like you that the boys go for in the long run. To put it bluntly: A boy may want to fuck an exotic looking girl, but boys will bring you home to Mom and marry you... and he will genuinely love you and be happy.

    • Aw that's so sweet :) thank you!

Most Helpful Girl

  • Ah! It's super cute!!😁🌟!!

    My hair was really really long! And I was gonna do that exact short as well, but I got scared!! And only went slightly lower than shoulder length. 😬


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