Ladies, do you think bald men are/can be attractive? What would you my avatar photo?

Just curious. I have gotten over it through the years, but I used to be really bummed about my hair thinning. Luckily, my head is shaped pretty nicely and I still have stubble, could have been a lot worse. That being said, I own it now. I rarely wear hats, only when its really cold, and I keep it shaved close all the time.

In general, would you give a bald guy a chance or is it a deal breaker? Or do you find it sexy?

Also, feel free to give me a rating on attractiveness. Being brutally honest of coarse, don't worry I have tough skin, and I appreciate honest critcism.


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  • I do prefer hair, but on some guys bald just works. So no, it is not a deal breaker in general. It can be attractive.

    • Would you count me as one of those guys then? Funny enough, I would also prefer to have hair, but I didn't get to choose my genes, ha!

    • I think it works for you :)

  • Honestly I only find them attractive if they have some nice muscle tone+tall to them, otherwise skinny/lanky + bald = turn off :/

    • I can understand that. I don't know where I fall in there though. I am somewhat in between. I am not huge, but I have some muscles, and I'm 6'2 so not really short or incredibly tall. What do you think? Check out my photo...

  • I like my man bald