Am I attractive or not?

Please be honest... I mean it just be honest please? Lying would be a waste of everyones time so just be honest.

Anyway how about a scale of 1-100? Or just describe your thoughts? Either way's fine with me

Am I attractive or not?


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  • It's sort of hard to say from a picture alone. As a girl I'd say it has a lot to do with how you carry yourself. Rock the person you are and the right people will be attracted. Based on this pic alone though I'd call you nerdy cute. You look like you still have to grow into yourself a little bit to be frank but I'm guessing you're pretty young? Anyways a lot of chicks dig nerdy so embrace it dude. Hope this helps!

    • The thing is I have several female friends but they've never asked me out or anything. I mean, it's cool if they wanna be friends but what do you mean by ''cute''? Is that cute like a Gerbil? Or cute like Leonardo DiCaprio?


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  • You look like a young John Carmack to me! (programmer of Doom and Wolfenstein 3D: might just be the photo).

    I'd say, who cares? I hope that's not dodging the question, but why does it matter? I know a fat bald guy in his 40s who dates hot-looking young girls. He's not even wealthy, he just has this attitude of total indifference about life which somehow appeals to his female companions.

    If anything, I'd say asking about your looks is exactly the kind of insecurity that makes otherwise attractive people less desirable to many.

    That said, maybe I can comment on the background a bit. Wearing a chemistry t-shirt and holding up a bust of what looks to me like Socrates isn't exactly prom king material.

    That's a late-game success strategy, probably post-university. Follow up those interests with a secure job and stay in reasonable health and then you can dominate the game later on. It's probably going to be pretty frustrating through the teenage years and early adulthood unless you start drinking and playing sports or something like that.

    • Funny story about the Socrates bust. He was on my shelf and the facial recognition picked it up XD
      Anyway, Socrates was considered one of the ugliest people in Athens for many years so I thought it would suit my question.

      Ahh the waiting game... I guess I could but... But perhaps I could learn this ''attitude of total indifference about life which somehow appeals to his female companions.'' and find a way to fit it without changing my current personality? But then it would feel fake so I don't know

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    • Drinking at my age will permanently stunt my brains development. I mean you might be right but it's definitely not worth it. Why would I want to be an ''alpha''? I want an equal not some blind follower

    • Yeah, definitely so -- it's just that loose women and alcohol tend to go hand-in-hand, and especially at university. :-D It's not very wise to start drinking at all, and there are far better paths (but might require a lot more patience). it's just an easy way to get through a "boot camp" on picking up girls when combined with some "liquid courage" (though not necessarily good girls, just ones that might teach you to be more confident). Best way is just network -- friends of friends of friends.

  • You look fine

  • I don't rate, especially not guys, but I'm sure a good number of girls would find you cute at the very least.

    I like your shirt by the way

    • Thanks my mom gave it to me... So... We talking good cute or bad cute?

    • How is there a bad cute?

    • I mean do I look cute like a gerbil? Or cute like Leonardo DiCaprio?

  • You are cute.