Do you think you're hot enough to send naked pics?

  • Yes - i send them
    14% (4)35% (9)24% (13)Vote
  • Yea - but i dont send
    21% (6)19% (5)20% (11)Vote
  • No
    11% (3)12% (3)11% (6)Vote
  • No - i dont think im anything special
    11% (3)4% (1)7% (4)Vote
  • No - trust me no one wants to see that
    18% (5)19% (5)19% (10)Vote
  • No - no one knows i exist to want my nude pics
    18% (5)8% (2)13% (7)Vote
  • other - explain
    7% (2)3% (1)6% (3)Vote
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Would be interesting to see how many people who think they are not enough, if they replied how many guys would hit on them


Most Helpful Girl

  • Nah, I need to lose some more weight.

    • Lol how can you be all 3?

    • Replied to wrong answer

    • @Jessicocoa - So many guys would think you're out of their league :)

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What Girls Said 3

  • my body is good enough to send nudes photos

  • Honestly I find D, E AND A are true so it's like lol I put other tho fyi

    • Lol how can you be all 3?

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    • I guess so. I'm kinda shunned by some girls cuz of it tho. Not like they don't talk to me but. I dunno. It's like "can I eat here?" N they ask if I'm me n I'm like "yesssss why?" They suddenly remember their friend is in the bathroom and the seat sits empty all period :/ : It's just my ghetto school striking again lol

    • @tifftaff01 if ever you want to chat PM me, you seem a touch confused and i would not mind helping

  • I think my body is good enough to send nudes.


What Guys Said 2

  • Definitely not hot enough. If I can build my body to have more muscle and some fat then maybe. But even then I would not send pictures of myself naked. Who knows what might happen to those pictures. End up seen by the wrong people.

  • Noo I am hairy hairy , who would wanna see naked hairy body eww