Small lips and puffy cheeks?

I have tiny lips that are literally invisible when i smile. No im not white, and my parents have big lips. When I wear some tinted lip balm or something it looks terrible. I also have these puffy cheeks that make me look like a chipmunk. I look really young for my age and im also under 5 feet. any tips?


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  • post a pic.

    everyone looks different and self description means little in the eyes of others.


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  • you can look up makeup tutorials if it really bothers you that much, but i think you are beautiful in ur own way
    if you want to look older, dress older and wear makeup
    and if you want to look taller wear heels (wedges if you find heels hard to walk in)

    • not heels, they feel uncomfortable and they can have negative effects on your foot.


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  • i say fuck what they think

    • I know but I'm in high school and people think im going to 6th grade and they treat me like im a child

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    • thats my dad, he's in his 50s and he looks 40. but stilllllllllllllllllllll im young and 40 is a long way who knows i might not live that long. :(

    • please dont say that.
      your crushing my heart when you say that
      please for me

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  • I also have small lips you can use lip stick and lip liner that helps me

    • people can tell i outlined my lips tho, and i dont really wear makeup

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    • 14,,,,,,,,,,,,,, why u gonna tell me im too young

    • No I won't I started wearing makeup at 13 haha 😹