Girls, Views on beards and male facial hair?

Do you wish men had smooth face as you women do , since no matter how closely a man shaves his face it gets stubbly and prickly like thorn and its painful for you women?
Or to like that men have rough rugged faces? You like stubbles or well kept full beards or long beards?


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  • I like smooth or slight stubble. I don't like beards at all. At least for the guy I'm with. And yes, stubble hurts a lot! Lol


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  • Some guys look better with or without depending on their facial features. A well kept beard is always nice, you don't always have to be clean shaven.

    • Okay well, do you wonder it would had been better if men had smooth faces naturally :)

    • Sorry what do you mean?

    • I think I'm interpreting the question right... I personally wouldn't because I like a man with a bit of beard or stubble. But I also don't mind if they are clean shaven. If they are all naturally smooth then there would be no chance for beards :)

  • If it's patchy and gross looking then keep it shaved but if it comes in full i like it a little longer usually (don't go full Amish/duck dynasty). Make sure it is well kept. =)

  • It dose not matter to me

    • Some look very attractive with beards

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    • Staying natural is better and much more better for your health

    • Better for my health? Lol why and how would waxing effect my health?