What are some good ways to get rid of under eye lines other than sleep which isn't working for me?

Getting rid of mine seems impossible.


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  • I actually have a product for that! Garnier Eye Roll-On
    Autobots, Roll-on!

    • I actually own that and it doesn't really help lines but it does feel really good to put it on
      Have you tried 15 minutes with cold cucumber slices? I've done that and I look really refreshed after wards

    • @Emilyshae97 it might be the placebo effect but I think I notice a difference when I use it and you're right feels awesome haha nice and cold.

      No I haven't tried 15 min with cold cucumber slice. can't stay for that long with my eyes closed without falling asleep lol. Maybe if they change the name to 3 hour cucumber slices power nap I might give it a go ;).

    • Haha. Take a day to spoil yourself. Take a damn nap with cold cucumbers on your eyes. I jus lay there and eat the rest of the cucumber while I wait lol

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  • This may be a dumb thought, but do you have enough iron in your system? I have issues with under eye lines because I have an iron deficiency. It could be something to look into.

    • No I'm not iron deficient. My mom is, but I'm not. I don't have any reason to be, at least I don't think I have one. o. o

    • I believe sometimes it's hereditary, mine is at least.


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  • Just use concealer

    • Concealers crease. I'm looking for something that'll work without it and will make my actual eye lines go away/fade a little more.

  • I use eye creams (more expensive ones) and they usually work. Also I exfoliate using at least 3 different products beforehand.

  • Maybe buying something for under eye line cream can help