What do you think of my eyes?

This picture is in really bad lighting, they're hazel but they change colors a bit they can also been a very, very deep, dark green, or a light honey brown. Here, they're hazel. This is with no eye makeup and crappy lighting. I might upload a better pic later.
What do you think of my eyes?

Can't figure out how to upload another pic. Ergh, can somebody please help me out?


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  • ~What do you guys think of my eyes~ *looks away from camera*

    • I took an old pic and edited it to the eyes because I'm in public and don't want to seem like a total artificial bitch who only never stops taking selfies. And it's one of the only pics I have of myself alone where my face is entirely unobstructed by the glasses I usually wear or something else.

    • Then why didn't you wait until you got home and you could have been as "artificial" as you wanted? XD

    • Because my friend said "you have pretty eyes, post a pic of them on that dating site you like so much" and I was like "one, it's more of an advice site, and two, why" and she said, "because I dare you", so I went "lol okay let's do this shit" and posted it. So basically, it's because we're dumbasses. I have no better explanation.