Broad Shoulders? Or nah?

Broad Shoulders? Or nah?
excuse my dirty mirror lol I tried cleaning it xD


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  • Hmm not really, but you can get there easily!

    • When u say get there easily, you mean by working out? If that's what you meant, there is a difference between anturallt broad shoulders and adding muscle mass onto ur shoulders, it looks totally different

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    • Also Trust me, I don't burn more calories than i eat, I eat a lot of food plus I take Serious mass, mass gainer which is 1250 calories per serving N 50 G of proteinwith 253 carbs

    • And also what i was trying to say from the beginning is that a person with naturally broad shoulders and adds muscle mass to their shoulders will look much more aesthetically pleasing than someone with narrow shoulders and adds muscle mass to them

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