If a hot girl invited you for a first date on a beach and she wore bikinis like this (PICS), what would you think about her? VERY HOT PICS 😈 ?

Keep in mind that she isn't just a hot bod. She is also very smart, so you would have a great conversation. She is very fun-loving, a blast to be around. She is very OPTIMISTIC and carefree, as well as funny, charismatic and sexy. THOUGHTS?
If a hot girl invited you for a first date on a beach and she wore bikinis like this (PICS), what would you think about her? VERY HOT PICS 😈 ?

  • I would think that she is incredibly sexy and confident. I would admire her even more for the confidence.
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  • I would think that she is sexy, but that she may be trying too hard.
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  • I would think that she is trashy and that would turn me off.
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  • I would just pinch myself and wake up from that dream! :P

    • I thought you would say that you would pinch her booty...
      No, bro, seriously, watttcha think? 😁

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    • I like the honesty, man. I totally speak your language. There is one girl that I screwed that could pretty much pass for a model that I am so DESPERATELY in love with, but she is on the other side of the world now... 😒😢 She wore some strappy shit like this..

    • Don't worry, plenty of fish in the sea! :)

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  • I would think that she is more concerned with attracting men with her body, which fades and grows old, than she is about being a good woman, which does not change or get ugly.

    I would run away.

    • Naah man. You would DIE for a girl like this. Like all of us would... #honesttruth

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    • I am not gonna F them when they are wrinkled, I want to f them now. Haha. You're delusional bro. You live in a fictional world, the world of "what if..." It's like saying: oh, I don't wanna screw her, imagine how she would look like if she was dead.

    • wow. asker thinks being concerned about future developments means you're "living in a fictional world."
      Dude, unless you plan to die by 24, you will get older, and so will the very few women who would even considering going near your dick. and, god forbid, you ever decide you want a committed relationship, whoever you are with will age.
      expecting women to get older is not living in a fictional world.
      thinking an ambiguously aged porn reject with fake tits in a bikini will ask you out just for sex is living in a fictional world.

  • your hot pics aren't very hot. they don't look like real women at all. most look like professional whores.

  • I would assume she was trying to lure me into some sort of trap. Or it was a very cruel prank. Women that attractive and smart as you've described don't invite me on a date to the beach... not unless they were planning on luring me into a dark cave, turning into a half-human spider thing, and devour my liquefied innards.

    There's always such a thing as too good to be true, and I firmly believe it.

  • I would think that she is being dared to do this.

  • That girl is not really hot, at least not in my opinion, but In matters of taste, there can be no disputes... some guys would probably like her.