Jeb Bush looks like the cliche beta male?

God his face for starters is wimpy. He holds the mic like he's jacking off another dude.
Jeb Bush looks like the cliche beta male?He looks down too much which shows low self esteem.
He showed submission to trump during the aug-debate. (Even body language experts said the same thing. Jeb's body language showed he was feeling appoved during the hand slam.)
Again trump takes control of him. God damn fuck this is sad to look at. Jeb has a "Yes master" look on his face when trump acknowledge him.

Love him, hate him, Trump has very dominating powerful body language. No matter how much stupid shit Trump says he always holds frame.


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  • yes, trump has delusional confidence and like you said good frame control. most CEO types do... the problem is we're not living in the sort of world where you can just sling your dick around and bully people. We would end up at war with so many countries if he were president... also, he's simply not intelligent as a human being outside of maybe business but again i'd guess that's his advisors. So to me he's an example of using alpha for evil instead of good...

  • True. I may not respect some of the things he says, I still respect his power.

  • Cool story bro