Is there any one you can't get his/her pretty face out of your head?

This has nothing to do with a great body or love is a very shallow Question.

I've seen a couple weeks ago a girl, a brunette girl who has dark brown eyes , long straight dark brown hair, fair skin , she is probably 5'5-57, slender with good body but that didn't matter to me at first , when i saw her face i just got hypnotised she is perfectly, flawlesly gorgeous, i hope i can show her to you but that is not really a possibility , she is absolutly stunning , she has a face that iam yet to see i've seen hundreds of thousands of women maybe and this is the frist time i see this kind beauty , this is how beautiful she is... and i was wondering do you know someone like that? do you know someone so beautiful you can't get their face out of your mind?


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  • My crush. You shoulda seen her senior picture...

  • If I don't count in celebs then I have one girl that is really really cute. I can't stop thinking about her and I can't fall asleep yes sometimes I need to take a nap at work. Its really getting annoying but I'm just too shy to even talk to her.